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PP-3 Outdoor 48VDC Power Protector
Model PP-3   |    PN 82-3750


The PP-3 Power Protector universally protects 48VDC systems that have either -48VDC common or +48VDC common. The 48VDC line is protected against reverse polarity and includes a “Power OK” LED indicator. The PP-3 is suitable for installation indoors or outdoors.

Application: It is recommended that a PP-3 be installed at the base of the tower or at the building entry point and also within 8 feet of the protected equipment on the tower when cable lengths are over 50 ft. The 48VDC power source should be fused or power limited (no direct battery connections).

Transient Suppression Level (L1-L2, L1-C, L2-C):

Multi-component protection:
68VDC nominal protection level
(64.6VDC minimum), 1500Watt Max.
2x20A Current at 135V Maximum Voltage
2x24Joules Maximum at Max Voltage Transient
2x2000A Maximum Non-Rep. Transient Current

Gas tube high current activation levels:
DC activation @ 75VDC nominal protection level (60VDC minimum) across the 48VDC line.
Impulse activation @500V at 100V/us pulse, @700V at 1000V/us pulse

Reverse Polarity Protection:
290A @ 6ms rectangular pulse, 5A Steady State @0.52V, 10A @0.62V, 100V PIV

Polarity and Grounding: -48VDC and +48VDC are protected (with respect to ground terminal)
(two terminals for -48VDC pass-thru, two terminals for +48VDC pass-thru, one terminal for shield pass-thru)

Power OK Indicator: Green LED illuminated when approximately 42VDC or more is present.

Environmental: Outdoor rated, sealed in gasketed enclosure with pressure neutralization valve

Mounting: Pole/wall mount bracket attached to base assembly. Unit may be wall mounted with user provided screws or pole mounted on a 2”-5” diameter pole using two hose clamps provided.

Caution: No surge protector will protect against a direct lightning strike. The PP-3 48VDC Power Protector will protect against most lightning strikes that are impulse type strikes (non-direct).