Elfiq App Optimizer


Internet access saturation has become a significant issue in recent years, with the rise of rich-media web sites, streaming services, social media, peer to peer traffic and much more.  This makes it harder for organizations to operate normally and to maximize their investment in Internet connectivity.

Using world-class technology, Elfiq Networks has developed the Elfiq AppOptimizer, designed to give organizations full control over their existing and future bandwidth, guaranteeing key applications such as Citrix XenDesktop or Skype get priority treatment and undesirables such as peer-to-peer file transfers or games are limited or no longer permitted. 

The Elfiq AppOptimizer is an add-on module for  the award-winning Elfiq Link Balancer product family which provides application-layer deep packer inspection (Layer-7), classification and control including Mobile, Social Networking, P2P, Instant Messaging, File  sharing, Enterprise and Web 2.0 applications.



 The Elfiq AppOptimizer is able to proactively manage over 575 applications
 in the following categories:


• Collaboration
• Games
• Networking
• Social networking
• Database
• Mail
• Peer to peer
• Streaming media
• File sharing
• Messaging
• Proxy
• VPN and tunneling
• File transfer
• Network Monitoring
• Remote access
• Web Services







Overview Screenshot Application Screenshot Rule Screenshot Rule Screenshot
Overview Application statistics Rule creation Session probe


Elfiq AppOptimizer Requirements:

  • LB-600E, LB-800E, LB-2500E or LB-5000 Link Balancer unit/s
  • An active Elfiq maintenance plan per Link Balancer unit

Note: the Elfiq AppOptmizier is a resource-intensive module which will impact the overall performance of an Elfiq Link Balancer.  Here are the maximum throughput specifications which are to be expected with the Elfiq AppManager activated:

  • LB-600E: 55Mbps
  • LB-800E: 100Mbps
  • LB-2500E: 300Mbps
  • LB-5000E: 600Mbps

The Elfiq AppOptimizer is sold as an annual subscription which needs to be renewed for continued operations.