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RFS Antennas Request a QuoteA worldwide leader in wireless and broadcast infrastructure offering a complete portfolio of microwave antennas
to meet all of your needs, providing the system capacity, performance, reliability, longevity and rapid deployment
demanded by today’s telecommunications backhaul systems.
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Connectronics P/N  RFS P/N  Size (ft)  Flange
Single Pole 6GHz
82-7384F06  SB4-W60AC  4  CPR137G
82-7386F06  SB6-W60BC  6  CPR137G
82-7388F6H  UA8-59AC  8  CPR137G
82-7388F6L  UA8-65AC 8  CPR137G
Single Pole 11GHz
82-7382F11  SC2-W100AC 2 CPR90G
82-7383F11  SC3-W100AC 3 CPR90G
82-7384F11  SB4-W100AC  4  CPR90G
82-7386F11 SB6-W100AC 6 CPR90G
Single Pole 18GHz
82-7382F18  SC2-190BB 2  PBR220
82-7383F18  SC3-190AB 3  PBR220
82-7384F18  SB4-190BB 4  PBR220
82-7386F18  SB6-190AB  6 PBR220
Single Pole 23GHz
82-7381F23  SB1-220BB 1  PBR220
82-7382F23  SC2-220BB  2  PBR220
82-7383F23  SC3-220AB  3  PBR220
82-7384F23  SB4-220BB 4  PBR220
82-7386F23  SB6-220AB  6  PBR220
Dual Pole 6GHz
82-7394F6L (low)  SBX4-W60AC 4  CPR137G
82-7394F6H (high)  SBX4-W60AC  4  CPR137G
82-7396F6L (low)  SBX6-W60BC  6  CPR137G
82-7396F6H (high)  SBX6-W60BC  6  CPR137G
Dual Pole 11GHz
82-7393F11  SCX3-W100AC 3  CPR90G
82-7394F11  SBX4-W100AC 4  CPR90G
82-7396F11  SUX6-107BC  6  CPR90G
Dual Pole 18GHz
82-7392F18  SCX2-190BB 2  PBR220
82-7393F18  SCX3-190BB 3  PBR220
82-7394F18  SBX4-190AB 4  PBR220
82-7396F18  SBX6-190AB  6  PBR220
Dual Pole 23GHz
82-7392F23  SCX2-220BB  2  PBR220
82-7393F23  SCX3-220BB  3  PBR220
82-7394F23 SBX4-220AB 4  PBR220
82-7396F23  SBX6-220AB 6  PBR220