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Remote Monitor & Control Solutions
19-3800 RPRM1 Remote Power Reboot & Monitor System
  Install in remote enclosures 
Independently control/reboot three 10Amp circuits 
Monitor 115VAC power, temperature, 48VDC status 
Integrates with third party SNMP software, sends email alarms 
Powered by 115VAC (active) or 48VDC (standby) 
19” rack mountable, 2U, 3.5” high
19-3700  Site Boss 571 Remote Enclosure Monitor & Control
   Acts as power distribution unit with 9 fused outputs (requires GMT fuses)
   On-board temperature sensor, many optional sensors available
   Remote cellular option for monitoring/reboot to avoid a truck roll
   Supports on-board scripting language to autonomously manage power sequencing/power shutdown
  -40° to +55°C operating temperature
19-3702-2 Site Boss 550-2 Remote Enclosure Monitor with Scripting
19-3702-6 Site Boss 550-6 Remote Enclosure Monitor with Scripting
19-3703-2 Site Boss 530-2 Remote Enclosure Monitor without Scripting
19-3703-6 Site Boss 530-6 Remote Enclosure Monitor without Scripting
   Includes 2 or 6 expansion ports for many options
   Remote cellular option available for enhanced connectivity
   Expansion cards support voltage/current inputs, relay outputs
   Monitor AC/DC sources, fuel levels, HVAC systems, security systems
   Event data logging; send email or SNMP trap alarms
   0° to 40° standard, -40° to +60°C optional temperature
19-3705 Site Boss 220 Remote Enclosure Monitor
  Supports 8 on-board contact inputs 
Send email or SNMP trap alarms 
Optional temperature/humidity probe 
Optional I/O configurations: voltage/current, relay outputs 
Small size 4.5” x 5.75” x 1.75”, -40° to +65° C operating temperature