Cable Solutions
Part No. Description 
  USB 2.0 "A" Plug to "B" Plug
94-3984  - 6ft
  USB "A" TO "A" Cable, iMac compatible
94-4001 -36ft   USB 2.0 Extended distance "A" to "B"
94-4419 3ft   USB "A" male (plug) to "A" female (receptacle)
94-3997 16ft   USB "A" Active Extension (can daisy-chain to a maximum of 80 ft.)
• Regenerates USB signal with no degradation
  USB A Extension with LED's to indicate data flow, 6 ft.
94-3989 -10ft   USB-A Active Extension, 8 ft. lengths, iMac compatible.)
(Series connectable to total of 40 ft.)
Bridging Cable
94-3832  PC to PC USB Network Bridge Cable 

1. USB specification revision 1.1 compliant.
2. Single cable solution for network communication, construct USB network up to 17PCs.
3. Support TCP/IP, NetBeUI, IPX/SPX protocols.
4. Resources sharing such as Printers, CD-ROMs, Modems, Scanners, etc.
5. Data transfer rate: Up to 5Mbps.
6. Standard Windows Explorer user interface.

Test Cable
94-4002 94-4002.gif (14205 bytes)USB LED indicating "A" Extension
Visually monitor data flow between devices and ports

A universal USB extension cable that will allow users to visually monitor the data flow passing thru the cables or ports. Utilizing a frequency tuned LED light indicator and sensing technology. The USB connector ends will activate a flashing LED light signal to notify the user of the connection and activity of the data flow between the computers and peripherals, eliminating the guess work of determining whether a connection had been made or if data was being transferred properly.

• Use with any existing USB Cable
• Extra bright flashing LED light indicator during active data transfer
• Low light LED indicator during idle mode
• Frequency tuned LED 1.1 compatible circuitry for accurate traffic flow indication
• Prevents data loss by indicating when it is safe to disconnect your device
• High performance wires for maximum data transfer speeds
• Fully compatible with USB 1.1 & 2.0 standards


Mini "B" Cables
94-3996-6ft 6 ft. (standard)  USB "A" Plug to USB Mini "B" Plug, Version 2.0,
3 ft.  
10 ft.  

USB Converters/Adapter/Switches/Miscellaneous

USB Converter
47-1932  USB Joystick Converter 
  Revolutionary converter extends from PC USB port to support all conventional analog game controllers.  Works with Win95 v.4.00.950b and above, Win98, 2000, ME and XP. Will not work with NT or MIDI devices. Only supports General Game Port Racing Wheel (not Force Feedback or Digital type controllers)

  4-mode switchable (all conventional analog game controllers and ForceFeedBack, Av. Garde, ThrustMaster FCS, Bazooka, Maya, CH Flt Pro, FirePlus, FireDragon and 4-axis/4-button, Silver Hawk II, Space Ranger and 2-axis/8-button) ... for all PC/Win98 USB equipped systems. Includes 6 foot USB cable.
USB Adapters
94-4430  USB "A" Female to USB "B" Male Adapter 
94-4431 USB "A" Female to USB "A" Female Adapter 
94-4432  USB "A" Male to USB "B" Female Adapter 
94-4433  USB "A" Male to USB "A" Male Adapter 
94-4434  USB "B" Male to USB "B" Male Adapter 
94-4435 USB "A" Male to USB "A" Female Bendable Adapter 
94-4436  USB "A" Female to USB "B" Female Adapter 
94-4437  USB "A" Female to USB Mini "B" Male Adapter 
Printer Adapters
94-3987  6 ft. USB to Parallel Printer Adapter  94-3995B.GIF (3086 bytes)
94-3020-2 USB Motherboard Extension, 2 ft. 
47-1929 USB to Serial (DE9P) Adapter  

USB Network Adapters 
47-1942  USB to 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Adapter   

• Includes USB cable

94-3810 PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard Adapter for USB
(connect BOTH to USB port) 



Part No. Description     
14-1121  USB AB Manual Switch (Connect 2 PC’s USB ports to 1 USB printer) 
14-1141  USB ABCD Manual Switch (Connect up to 4 PC's USB ports to 1 USB printer) 
27-4121  USB 2 Position AutoSwitch (2 PC’s share 1 USB device, FCFS print mode) 
27-4141  USB 4 Position AutoSwitch (4 PC’s share 1 USB device, FCFS print mode) 
USB Hub Expansion Cards
29-9305 USB 2.0 PCI Five Port Expansion Card
(5 hi-speed USB 2.0 ports, supports USB 1.1)
USB Mice
47-1923  USB Mouse  


47-1921 USB 104 Key Keyboard     
47-1925  USB Net Media Windows 98/ME Keyboard