Connectronics is a distributor of wireless and connectivity products selling to VARs, ISPs and System Integrators since 1982.  

Our mission is to distribute industry leading wireless and connectivity products which exceed our customers’ expectations; including assistance in the design and development of Wireless Backhaul, PTMP, WiMAX, Mesh and Client Access solutions. We accomplish this through our dedication to providing professional customer service, prompt delivery and manufacturer certified technical support. The efforts behind our pre-sales and post-sales support are unmatched, and our commitment to excellence allows us to respond to any request with the attention you deserve.

Exceed your wireless expectations through a distribution channel that’s dedicated to operational efficiency. Work with industry experts, our factory certified sales staff, and reap the benefits of streamlined processing, assistance in design and development and personalized relationships focused on the ongoing success of your business.

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Connectronics Limitations of Liability
Connectronics makes no warranties other than those honored by the manufacturer of the goods purchased. Connectronics disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, application, or installation.  Buyer agrees that he has thoroughly investigated the products prior to making a purchase and buys them at his own risk.  Buyer agrees to assume all responsibility for the choice of equipment, implementation, and experimentation. Buyer assumes all risk and responsibility for installation/setup and testing/troubleshooting costs such as but not limited to sales/technician time, tower rental, tower climbing, tower installation/removal, or travel expenses.   Buyer assumes all responsibility for the integration and interoperability of the equipment purchased from Connectronics with any products or software purchased from other vendors in the past or in the future.  Buyer assumes all risk and responsibility for any problems related to pilot programs, general roll-out schedule, and scalability issues with any hardware or software proposed or sold by Connectronics.  Connectronics does not guarantee that the goods shall be free from patent infringements.  Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Connectronics and its officers, directors, agents and employees harmless as a result of any products purchased from Connectronics. Connectronics reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or ommisions on this website.