FibeAir IP-20C

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FibeAir® IP-20C - Multi-Core, Software-Defined Radio Technology Delivering Multi-Gbps Anywhere - Ceragon

FibeAir® IP-20C

Multi-Core, Software-Defined Radio Technology Delivering Multi-Gbps Anywhere

FibeAir IP-20C sets a new standard in microwave transmission combining multi-core radio technology, 2048 QAM modulation and line-of-sight 4x4 MIMO in a compact, green,
all-outdoor design. It enables operators to reach capacities that quadruple those of existing solutions.

IP-20CKey Features:
  • Multi-core technology
    • In-house developed chipset: baseband modem and RFIC
    • Parallel radio processing engine
    • Flexible radio architecture enables doubling of capacity/link distance and
    • reduction in power consumption
  • High capacity and spectral efficiency
    • 2048 QAM modulation
    • Integrated XPIC in a single unit
    • LoS 4X4 MIMO quadrupling capacity using only 2 radio units
    • Up to 30% more spectral efficiency using multi-layer header compression
    • Wide channel support: 30, 40, 60, 80 MHz
  • Virtual fiber in licensed frequencies
    • Operates in the 6-38 GHz frequency range
    • 1Gbps radio throughput over a single 30 MHz channel
    • Over 2 Gbps maximum capacity using wider channels
  • Simple operation
    • Single software-defined product for many different deployment scenarios
    • Remotely configurable, scalable performance for minimal truck rolls
    • Quickly deployed, all-outdoor installation
  • Environment friendly
    • Half the form-factor of conventional radio terminals
    • 20% less power consumption per carrier
    • As much as 50% less power consumption using innovative dynamic power management
Future-Proofing Mobile Networks with FibeAir IP-20C
FibeAir IP-20C applies Ceragon’s 3H vision to the emerging HetNet architectures. Ceragon is organizing wireless backhaul and fronthaul requirements into a comprehensive network solution that is easily deployed, operated and maintained.
Breaking the barriers of network planning paradigms requiring fiber infrastructure to serve multi-Gbps sites, FibeAir IP-20C’s superior radio throughput, low latency and flexible operating modes make it the solution of choice for a wide variety of hauling scenarios previously deemed impossible to implement with microwave.