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Connector Types  (click to enlarge)

Print and fax to 319-366-8545 or go to our on-line form here

Custom Cable Order Form

  Connector A

Cable Type

  Connector B
N-Male   N-Male
N-Female LMR 100   N-Female
N-Female Bulkhead
LMR 200 Flexible  
N-Female Bulkhead
N-Male Right Angle
LMR 400  
N-Male Right Angle
RP-TNC Plug (with female socked)
MR 400 Ultra Flex  
RP-TNC Plug (with female socked)
RP-TNC Receptacle (with male pin) LMR 600   RP-TNC Receptacle (with male pin)
RP-TNC Bulkhead (with male pin) RG-316   RP-TNC Bulkhead (with male pin)
SMA-Male   SMA-Male
SMA Female   SMA Female
SMA Female Bulkhead Other  SMA Female Bulkhead
RP-SMA Plug (with female socket)
RP-SMA Plug (with female socket)
RP-SMA Receptacle (with male pin) Quantity Needed      RP-SMA Receptacle (with male pin)
RP-SMA Bulkhead (with male pin)   RP-SMA Bulkhead (with male pin)
  Other      Other 

Please provide the following contact information

Work Phone
Date required

 Print and fax to 319-366-8545 or use our on-line form here

We will contact you shortly with pricing and order status