Do You Need A Custom Enclosure?

We can build an enclosure for your equipment from any manufacturer.
We have built enclosures for Proxim, Cisco, Symbol, Intermec and others.

Use the worksheet below to tell us what you need,
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Custom Enclosure Order Form

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Print and fax to 319-366-8545 or go to our on-line form here
Universal Access Point Ceiling Grid Enclosure
Construction: Aluminum & Steel
No. of Antennas: Up to 2 antennas
No. of Access Points: Accommodates 1 Access Point from most manufacturers, including Cisco 1200
with 802.11a Antenna Kit, and Orinoco 2000 with 802.11a kit.
Size: 24" x 24" x 3" the enclosure is 12” x 12” x 3”
Weight: 9 lbs (not including the Access Point or Antenna)
Mounting: Replace standard 2' x 2' ceiling tile, eyelets are included for suspension using support wires.
• Universal Mounting Plate is included-mounting screws & instructions.
• Hinged locking door is standard.
Power and Data Cable Port: 1" dia., with Romex strain relief, Cord grip connector kit for field termination is optional.
Part No Description
82-1100 2 x 2 Light Weight Ceiling Tile Enclosure for Access Points Call for pricing

Custom Outdoor Enclosures (Heated & Unheated) for Access Points

Neatly mount, secure, and protect Access Points in outdoor environments as cold as -50� F.
Lightweight molded construction   •   Water, oil, dirt, dust resistant   •   External mounting flanges  
•    Left side hinge
Knockout padlock locking provision   •   Outdoor rated    •   Pole Mounting Kits available

Equipment Cabinet Features:
• Hinged cover
• Knockout for optional keylock
• Multiple electrical knockouts
• Keyholes for convenient wall mounting
Part No Description
82-4830 Metal Indoor Equipment Cabinet, 7" x 8" x 3.5", painted Beige Call for pricing
82-4831 Metal Indoor Equipment Cabinet, 9" x 12" x 4.5", painted Beige Call for pricing
82-4833 Metal Indoor Equipment Cabinet, 12" x 12" x 4", painted Beige Call for pricing
82-4834 Metal Indoor Equipment Cabinet, 11" x 15" x 4", painted Beige Call for pricing
82-4835 Metal Indoor Equipment Cabinet, 15" x 18" x 4", painted Beige Call for pricing
82-4836 Metal Indoor Equipment Cabinet, 20" x 24" x 5", painted Light Gray Call for pricing
82-4757 Keylock for above Indoor Equipment Cabinets (E002 Key) Call for pricing