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Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer
The NITO enables IT managers to use existing bandwidth more efficiently by tracking traffic usage.

The NITO offers you the ability to manage and reduce unwanted traffic

2 virtual balancers in one unit
Cloud balancing ready
Gigabit ports

The Elfiq AppOptimizer is able to proactively manage over 575 applications in the following categories:

  • Collaboration
  • Database
  • File sharing
  • File transfer
  • Games
  • Mail
  • Messaging
  • Network monitoring
  • Networking
  • Peer to peer
  • Proxy
  • Remote access
  • Social networking
  • Streaming media
  • VPN and
  • Web services

    1000Q E-bandE-Link 1000Q
    4G Evolution Series

    The E-Link 1000Q, available with either a Long Range or Extended Long Range antenna, includes QPSK modulation for enhanced spectrum efficiency.

    The 1000Q offers the highest 70/80 GHz performance available, due to E-Band’s
    exclusive Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (MMIC) technology.

    This industry leading technology provides higher throughput, longer distances,
    superior reliability & faster ROI.


    Connectronics Outdoor Enclosures

    DDBThe OD series outdoor enclosure is the ultimate choice for your outdoor racking requirements. Being made of our own Alumiflex™ you’ll find it noticeably lighter than steel, yet strong enough to rack even the heaviest equipment. Being designed to accommodate the weather protection of your choice, the OD series enclosures are available in NEMA 3R, 4, or 4X configurations. The additional Alumishield™ (sun roof), provides superior solar protection with it’s large overhang roof design.  Our own versatile strut system allows you to position the racking rails at any depth desired within the enclosure. You can rest assured your equipment is safe and secure as you pad lock the front and rear door handles, knowing they hold the three points locking system securely intact. The OD series enclosures are available in various heights and depths. They are available in dual and triple bay versions as well.

    Standard Features
    -  Includes front and back locking doors (padlock handles)
    -  19" EIA rack spacing is standard

    High-Throughput Meets Low TCO: Introducing the Etherhaul E-Band Radio

    A carrier class, 1 gigabit,
    award-winning, radio that costs as little as 20% of competing solutions.
    And because it operates in the uncongested and inexpensive licensed E-band 71-76 GHz spectrum,
    TCO (total cost of ownership) is reduced even further - to the lowest in the industry.

    EtherHaul E-Band Radio

    1 Gigabit throughput - Operates in the licensed E-Band spectrum - Costs 80% less than comparable systems

    Siklu's EtherHaul is a carrier-class, high-capacity E-band radio that dramatically lowers the cost of wireless and Ethernet backhaul. The system is uniquely based on an all-silicon design that results in fewer components, greater reliability, and reduces prices down to 80% less than equivalent radio systems. And because it operates in the uncongested and inexpensive licensed E-band 71-76 GHz spectrum, TCO (total cost of ownership) is reduced even further - to the lowest in the industry.


    • Revolutionary all-silicon-based design delivers the industry's lowest TCO with prices 80% lower than comparable systems.
    • Operates in the licensed, uncongested and inexpensive 71-76 GHz E-band spectrum.
    • 1 Gbps throughput - LTE & 4G ready.
    • Advanced hitless / errorless Adaptive Bandwidth, Coding and Modulation (ABCM) for a large dynamic range.
    • Carrier Ethernet inside -bandwidth-aware QoS, service management and OAM.
    • Advanced timing over packet handling (SyncE, 1588) enables the migration to packet-based backhaul.
    • Carrier class availability and resiliency with advanced ring, mesh and Link Aggregation (1+1, 2+0).
    • Standard-based for seamless integration into existing networks and multi-vendor interoperability.
    • Green design - ultra low power consumption, zero footprint, all-outdoor, extremely light weight.
    • Quick and easy installation, requires minimal site preparation.
    • Winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2011 European Gigabit Ethernet Radios New Product Innovation Award


    USB Rover® 1850 - USB Extention over Cat 5LEX/REX Turnkey 2201


    USB Rover® 1850 extends USB 1.1 connections beyond the desktop up to 40 meters
    over Cat 5 cable (85 meters may be achievable with low-speed HID devices such as
    keyboards and mice).

    USB Rover® products are perfect for the following applications:

    • Interactive White Board
    • KVM Extension: Keyboard and Mouse
    • Digital Signage
    • Industrial Control
    • Corporate Board Rooms: USB Device Extension

    48 VDC Power Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    48VDC battery backup systems provide reliable power for critical communication equipment during storms, brownouts, or any electrical disturbance.

    Systems from Connectronics come complete with batteries, wiring, optional remote SNMP monitoring capability and a low voltage disconnect.  Each system can be mounted indoors in a standard 19 ”rack.  Optional weatherproof enclosures with heating and cooling are also available for remote outdoor on-site installations.  Two system types are offered:  a) fully enclosed system with optional SNMP and optional external battery modules or b) modular charging system with SNMP and external batteries for higher capacitiy and system flexibility.