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Solar Integrated Remote Power System (SIRPS)

•    Provides dependable remote power for
     any location.

•    Provides back-up power from 2 to 10 days
     without sun.

•    Includes Complete Solar System: 
     Lockable Enclosure, Controller,
     Solar Panel, Solar Mounts, Batteries and wiring.

•    Deluxe metered option available for
     troubleshooting system.

•    Note:  Does not include mast pipe or
     mounting of mast pipe in concrete
     (Usually requires a 18"-24" diameter hole,
     4 foot deep)

Solar Power Selection Guide
Please provide the following information to
your Connectronics Salesperson:
•    Estimated power required for specific equipment
•    Location of use


Battery Backup

Part No.  Model No.  Description  
18-2249  SC50U48V  48VDC Power Supply/Battery Backup (50W Max.)  


* Indoor Use (32°F - 104°F)
* Microprocessor based intelligent control
* Universal input voltage 87-264 Vac

* Audible Alarm signals utility failure and low battery
* Easy user-replaceable batteries
* 2 hour estimated backup time @ 50 watts maximum