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Obstruction Penetrating - Extended Range for 2.4GHz - 6GHz

Request a QuoteThis is the first true innovation in antenna technology in 20 years.  Up to twice the performance of a conventional antenna without amplifiers.  Skeptics need only try WiFi-Plus antennas to be convinced there is a better answer to line-of-sight.

These antennas transmit and receive in multiple planes.

WiFi-Plus 2.4 GHz MP Bullet Omni & 2.4-6 GHz UWB Bullet Omni Antenna

Increases reception on wireless cards
• Compact Omni head design
• 2-7 dBmp

• Works in any position, obstructed areas
• With N-female
Part No. WiFi+ Part Number Description

Bullet Omni antenna

82-5500 WFP0200503 2.4 GHz Bullet Omni Ant.
82-2351 WFP0200601 UWB Bullet Omni Antenna
82-5989   Adapter cable - Orinoco PC cards (1ft)
82-5988 WFP0200640 Adapter cable - Cisco PC cards (1ft)
82-5464   RP-TNC Adapter for Access Points  

WiFi-Plus 3dBi 2.4 GHz Omni  Antennas
•    Offers Multi-plane, geospatial capture of signal,
•    Beamwidth: 360° Horizontal, 60° Vertical  (90° Vertical Prominence)
•    Enhanced WLAN use when mounted  upside-down from ceiling
•    Use as Access Pt. or Customer Premise Equipment
•    With N-Female   (except Mag Mounts)

omni antenna

Part No. WiFi+ Part Number Description
82-5503 WFP0200507 3dBi Omni Ant. with bracket

WiFi-Plus UWB 2.4-6 GHz Omni Antennas
• 3 dBi Gain
• For Obstructed Environments
• Multiple Configurations
• With N-Female (except Mag Mounts)

omni antenna







omni ceiling mount


Part No. WiFi+ Part Number Description
82-2354 WFP0200691 2.4-6 GHz UWB Omni Ant. with bracket
82-5514 WFP0200520 2.4-6 GHz UWB Omni Ant., Bulkhead Mount
82-5589 WFP0200649 2.4-6 GHz UWB Omni Ceiling Mount
82-5588 WFP0200640 2.4-6 GHz UWB Omni, w/ 5" Base Plate
82-2356-12 WFP0200691 2.4-6 GHz UWB Omni Mag Mt., N-Male
82-2355-12 WFP0200691 2.4-6 GHz UWB Omni Mag Mt., RP-SMA

WiFi-Plus 5.8 GHz Omni  Antennas
Part No. WiFi+ Part Number Description
82-5580 WFP0200526 5.8 GHz Low Profile Omni
• 3 dBi Gain; SMA-Female
• Small Footprint


low profile omni



WiFi-Plus Directional Antennas
Part No. WiFi+ Part Number Description

WiFi-Plus Single Sector Antenna
  •    10-15 dBi gain
•    With Pole Mount Bracket

sector antenna

Part No. WiFi+ Part Number Description
82-5520 WFP0200508 2.4 GHz 120° Sector Antenna
•    N-Female
82-5590 WFP0200672 5.8 GHz 90° Sector Antenna
•    SMA-Female
82-2360 WFP0200672-120 5.8 GHz 120° Sector Antenna
•    SMA-Female

2.4/4.9/5 GHz Lightning Suppressors
n-female to female lightning suppressorn-male to female lightning suppressor •    Bulkhead Mount
•    Surge side connector: N-Female
•    Protected side connector per part:
        82-6449     N-Female
        82-6446     N-Male
•    Surge protection 20kA
•    -40°C to +85°C
•    VSWR 1.3 or less
•    For non-bulkhead mounting use kit 82-6450
Part No. Description  
82-6449 2.4/4.9/5 GHz, N-Female to Female bracket kit
82-6446 2.4/4.9/5 GHz, N-Male to Female
82-6450 Mt. Bracket kit for suppressors