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900 MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Modem

The Spread Spectrum Wireless Modems (902-928MHz band) feature robust, high speed, low latency, secure data communications. The units offer excellent noise figure, superior interference rejection, agile frequency synthesis and digital modulation for reliable long range industrial performance.

Microhard Systems Inc.Features:
• Long range performance
• Master, Slave, Repeater operation in a single unit
• Supports Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Repeater, Peer-to-Peer
• Adjustable transmit power (100mW - 1W output; RP-TNC bulkhead antenna port
• Selectable Serial Interfaces: RS232, RS422, 2-wire RS485, 4-wire RS485
• User interface through local console, telnet, and web browser
• Front panel LED's for setup/troubleshooting (RX, TX, RSSI(3))
• Compact design (2.5" x 4" x 2") with mounting tabs
• Wide input voltage: 9-30 VDC (350mA to 500mA TX)
• Ruggedized temperature range: -40°F to +170°F
• Includes 120VAC power adapter and rubber duck antenna (+0dBm)


900 MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless ModemApplications:
• IP/Ethernet Wireless Extension • GPS Vehicle Data/Tracking, DGPS
• Legacy Networks/Devices Migration • Electric, Oil & Gas Utilities/Metering
• Video/Voice over IP • Display Signs
• SCADA (PLCs, Modbus, HART)

Part No Description

900MHz Wireless Serial-Only Modem (n920F-ENC)
• Serial rate: 300 bps to 230.4 kbps
• Long range: up to 60 miles (172 kbps rate setting) with hi gain antennas & LOS (clear fresnel zone)


900MHz Wireless Simultaneous Serial/Ethernet Modem (IPn920T-ENC)
• Serial rate: 300 bps to 230.4 kbps
• Max data rate: 1.2 Mbps/Throughput: 0.8 Mbps (serial and ethernet)
• Long range: up to 30 miles with hi gain antennas & LOS (clear fresnel zone)