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Cambium Networks is a leading global provider of wireless broadband solutions that Connect the Unconnected - People, Places and Things.

Connectronics is an authorized Cambium Networks dealer.

ePMPTM 1000
The Standard in Wireless Broadband
Using the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency spectrum, the ePMP architecture covers major unlicensed global bands and is the most effective connectivity solution for the under-
and unconnected around the world.
• GPS Synchronization for seamless scalability and minimal self-interference.
• Quality of Service (QoS) ensures superior consistency and integrity for VoIP (Voice over IP), video and data services.
• Reliability is provided by quality components that have been rigorously field tested to minimize service requirement and maximize performance.

Force 200 5 GHz
Force 200 2.4 GHz
Force 110
& Force 110 PTP

Integrated Radio

Connectorized Radio
& GPS Sync Radio

Force 180