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Low Cost Cable Testers for Coax / 10Base-TX / 4 Pair

38-2037  Universal Cable Tester RJ45/RJ11/Coax BNC Cables 

• Automatically runs all test and checks for continuity,
open, shorted and crossed wire pairs

• Test RJ-45-EIA 568A/568B, 10Base-T, 100Base-TX,
Token Ring, RJ11/12 USOC and Coax

38-2038  Fox & Hound Cable Locating Test Set with Anti-Shorting Tip Probe & Amplifier 

• Kit includes Tone Generator - Easily locate a selected wire
from a large bundle,

• 2-position switch for single tone or multi-tone signal

• Toggle switch to control 3 modes of operation

• 3-color LED indicator display for telephone line polarity,
continuity and voltage testing

• Inductive Probe Pickup with plastic tip - prevents accidental shorts (possible with copper-tip tracers) when using near high voltage devices