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1500HPThe FibeAir 1500HP/RFU-HP is a high transmit power RFU designed for long haul applications with multiple carrier traffic. Together with its unique branching design, 1500HP/RFU-HP can chain up to five carriers per single antenna port and 10 carriers for dual port, making it ideal for Trunk or Multi Carrier applications. The 1500HP/RFU-HP can be installed in either indoor or outdoor configurations.
  • High-Capacity
    Over each spectrum channel
  • Ultra high transmit power
    Up to 32 dBm for longer distances, enhanced availability, smaller antennas
  • Built-in diversity
    Single RFU with two receivers
  • Innovative IF combining
    Improve system gain
  • Split-mount and all-indoor installations
RFU-HP / 1500HP RFU's (two per link, does not include OCB/Filters)
82-9055-6L RFU-HP-1R-6L RFU-HP Split 1Rx RFU GHz Low Band 60MHz
82-7337-6L 15HP-RFU-6L 1500HP 2Rx RFU 6GHz Low Band 30MHz
82-9055-6H RFU-HP-1R-6H RFU-HP Split 1Rx RFU GHz High Band 60MHz
82-7337-6H 15HP-RFU-6H 1500HP 2Rx RFU 6GHz High Band 30MHz
82-7337W11 15HPS-1R-RFU-11w 1500HP Split 1Rx RFU 11GHz 40MHz
82-7337-11 15HP-RFU-11 1500HP 2Rx RFU 11GHz 30MHz
OCB's (one per RFU, does not include filters)
82-7339-6L 15OCB6L 1500HP OCB 6GHz Low Band
82-7339-6H 15OCB6H 1500HP OCB 6GHz High Band
82-7339-11 15OCB11 1500HP OCB 11GHz
Short / Termination
82-7343-6 15HP-SHORT-137 1500HP Short 6GHz CPR137G
82-7344-6 15HP-TERM-137 1500HP 50 Ohm Term 6GHz CPR137G
82-7343-11 15HP-SHORT-90 1500HP Short 11GHz CPR90G
82-7344-6 15HP-TERM-90 1500HP 50 Ohm Term 11GHz CPR90G
82-7347xxx see table below 1500HP Filter, 30/40MHz
82-7318xxx see table below 1500HP filter, 11GHz 40MHz
6GHz Low Band Filters 30MHz 6GHz High Band Filters 30MHz
Tx High p/n Tx Low p/n Tx High p/n Tx Low p/n
15F6L-6197.24E 15F6L-5945.2N 15F6H-6765N 15F6H-6605N
15F6L-6226.89N 15F6L-5974.85N 15F6H-6725N 15F6H-6555N
15F6L-6256.54N 15F6L-6004.5N 15F6H-6755N 15F6H-6595N
15F6L-6286.19N 15F6L-6034.15N 15F6H-6785N 15F6H-6625N
15F6L-6315.84N 15F6L-6063.8N 15F6H-6815N 15F6H-6655N
15F6L-6345.49N 15F6L-6093.45N 15F6H-6845N 15F6H-6685N
15F6L-6375.14N 15F6L-6123.1N 15F6H-6865N 15F6H-6705N
15F6L-6404.79N 15F6L-6152.75E 15F6H-6740N 15F6H-6580N
STD Interface Antennas (freight not included)
82-7383A11 VHLP800-11-6WH Andrew 2.6ft Dish 10.7-11.7 GHz w/ Radome CPR90G
82-7384A11 VHLP4-11w-6WH Andrew 4ft Dish 10.7-11.7 GHz w/ Radome CPR90G
82-7386A11 VHLP6-11-6WH Andrew 6ft Dish 10.7-11.7 GHz w/ Radome CPR90G
82-7383R11 HP3-11RS Radiowaves 3ft Dish 10.7-11.7 GHz w/ Radome CPR90G
82-7384R11 HP4-11RS Radiowaves 4ft Dish 10.7-11.7 GHz w/ Radome CPR90G
82-7386R11 HP6-11RS Radiowaves 6ft Dish 10.7-11.7 GHz w/ Radome CPR90G
82-7384A06 VHLP4-6w-6WH Andrew 4ft Dish 5.9-7.1 GHz w/ Radome CPR137G FCC Cat. B
82-7386A6L HP6-59-P3A/K Andrew 6ft Dish 5.9-6.4 GHz w/ Radome CPR137G
82-7384R6L HP4-59RS Radiowaves 4ft Dish 5.9-6.4 GHz w/ Radome CPR137G
82-7384R6H HP4-64RS Radiowaves 4ft Dish 6.4-7.1 GHz w/ Radome CPR137G
82-7386R6L HP6-59RS Radiowaves 6ft Dish 5.9-6.4 GHz w/ Radome CPR137G
82-7386R6H HP6-64RS Radiowaves 6ft Dish 6.4-7.1 GHz w/ Radome CPR137G
82-7346-6 WAVEGUIDE-6GHz Flex Wg 4ft 6GHz 2xCPR137G
82-7346-11 WAVEGUIDE-11-4FT Flex Wg 4ft 11GHz 2xCPR90G
82-7606 RGT Lightning Suppressor N Fem-Fem (2 per IDU)
82-7342-O OCB-POLE-MOUNT 1500HP OCB Pole Mount Kit