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FibeAir™ 2000 Family 

License Free Ethernet Bridges

The new FibeAir 2000 Sub-6GHz radio series delivers high capacity, extended range and carrier class performance for today's and tomorrow's networks.  FibeAir 2000 is the solution of choice for carriers looking for affordable backhaul solutions. While demand for mobile bandwidth and migration to 3G and 4G networks will require carriers to increase significantly their backhaul capacity, they can not expect a similar growth in ARPU and are thus looking for high-capacity, cost effective backhaul solutions.

FibeAir 2000 enables carriers to accommodate capacity growth and maintain profitability through unparalleled price and excellent performance. The high-capacity radio system provides 50 Mbps full duplex net throughput, with a flexible combination of Ethernet and up to 16 E1/T1 interfaces and a range of up to 120 km/75 miles in various sub-6GHz frequencies.

FibeAir 2000 offers native Ethernet and native TDM over a single wireless link, enabling carriers to migrate to Ethernet with no additional cost and to protect their investment in the legacy TDM infrastructure. Built on Ceragon�s FA2000 proprietary air interface together with advanced built-in Diversity, MIMO and OFDM technologies, it delivers optimal performance and unmatched robustness in all environments.

FibeAir 2000 solutions are ideally suited for applications such as backhaul for cellular and WiMax networks, access and backhaul solutions for ISPs, enterprise networks, as well as for temporary applications for both carriers and private networks.

Part No. Description


IDUs (Two required per link)
82-7552 FA2000 IDU-C, 2xEth, 2xDC
82-7552T04 FA2000 IDU-C, 2xEth, 2xDC, 4xT1, 2xDC
82-7552T08 FA2000 IDU-C, 2xEth, 2xDC, 8xT1, 2xDC
82-7552T16 FA2000 IDU-C, 2xEth, 2xDC, 16xT1, 2xDC
ODUs (Two required per link)
Integrated Antenna                                         
82-7556 FA2000 ODU 5.x GHz FCC 25BTX with N-female for external antenna
(requires 2x20MHz channels)

FA2000 ODU 4.9/5.x GHz FCC 100BTX (requires 2x40MHz channels)

External Antenna (use dual pole dish)
82-7559 FA2000 ODU 2.4/4.9/5.x GHz FCC 100BTX (requires 2x40MHz channels)


FibeAir 2000
Antennas and Accessories
Part No. Description
82-2217-RK 2ft Dish DP 28dBi, 4.9-5.875 with radome
82-7555 IDU-C adaptor 48VDC for FA2000
82-7554 PoE device for FA2000 / FA4800
82-6366-3 3ft LMR400 N-type M-M (+.95/ft)
82-7663-82 IDU to ODU Outdoor Shielded CAT 5, 82 ft. (328 ft Max.)
82-4879 PoE Lightning Suppressor
82-6419 2.4/5.8Ghz Lightning Suppressor N-type M-F