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FibeAir™ RFU-C 

Split-Mount Carrier Ethernet Systems
FibeAir IP-10 is Ceragon’s next generation carrier-grade wireless Ethernet solutions family. Combining IP and TDM networking, FibeAir IP-10 solutions enable risk-free mobile backhaul migration to IP with the highest possible capacities at the lowest overall cost.

FibeAir IP-10 solutions feature a powerful integrated Ethernet switch, optional stackable radios with TDM cross-connect for nodal site applications, advanced service management and Operation Administration & Maintenance (OAM) tools. This first-of-its-kind platform powers mobile operators with the ideal platform for migrating traditional backhaul networks to IP.

ncorporates Ceragon’s proven Native2 concept to support native TDM and native Ethernet hybrid architecture - as well as all-IP and pseudowire architectures - FibeAir IP-10 requires little or no external devices, allowing it to integrate smoothly with any network. Taking advantage of the FibeAir IP-10 operators benefit from simplified installation, higher capacities and much better utilization of radio link budgets. IP-10 RFU-C

  • Modular nodal architecture
  • Integrated TDM cross-connect
  • Integrated Ethernet switch
  • Native Ethernet and TDM (Native2)
  • Supports all licensed frequencies (6GHz - 38GHz)
  • Flexible channel bandwidth - 7-56MHz
  • Highest capacity per radio carrier - 10-500 Mbps
  • Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM)Highest spectral efficiency
  • Seamless scalability
  • MEF-9 & MEF-14 certified


RFU-CX (two per link)
Part No. Ceragon P/N Description
82-9025A1H RFU-CX-6L-252A-1W4-TH RCU-CX, 6GHz Low Ch 1-4 Tx High
82-9025A1L RFU-CX-6L-252A-1W4-TL RCU-CX, 6GHz Low Ch 1-4 Tx High
82-9025A3H RFU-CX-6L-252A-3W6-TH RCU-CX, 6GHz Low Ch 3-6 Tx High
82-9025A3L RFU-CX-6L-252A-3W6-TL RCU-CX, 6GHz Low Ch 3-6 Tx High
82-9025A5H RFU-CX-6L-252A-5W8-TH RCU-CX, 6GHz Low Ch 5-8 Tx High
82-9025A5L RFU-CX-6L-252A-5W8-TL RCU-CX, 6GHz Low Ch 5-8 Tx High
82-9025EXL RFU-CX-11z-H-TH RFU-CX,11GHz Low Band,Tx High,
82-9025EXH RFU-CX-11z-H-TL RFU-CX,11GHz Low Band,Tx High
82-9025FXL RFU-CX-11z-L-TH RFU-CX,11GHz High Band,Tx Low
82-9025FXH RFU-CX-11z-L-TL RFU-CX,11GHz High Band,Tx Low
82-9025IXL RFU-CX1M-F-18-TH RFU-CX,18GHz Tx Low
82-9025IXH RFU-CX1M-F-18-TL RFU-CX,18GHz Tx Low
82-9025JXL RFU-CX1M-F-23-H-TH RFU-CX, 23GHz High Band,Tx Low
82-9025JXH RFU-CX1M-F-23-H-TL RFU-CX, 23GHz High Band,Tx High
82-9025KXL RFU-CX1M-F-23-H-TH RFU-CX, 23GHz Low Band,Tx Low
82-9025KXH RFU-CX1M-F-23-L-TL RFU-CX, 23GHz Low Band,Tx High
RFU-C Interface Antennas
82-9101A23 Am-1-23-A 23 GHz 1 ft. Antenna
82-9102A23 Am-2-23-A 23 GHz 2 ft. Antenna 
82-9102A18 Am-2-18-A 18 GHz 2 ft. Antenna
82-9103A23 Am-3-23-A 23 GHz 3 ft. Antenna 
82-9103A18 Am-3-18-A 18 GHz 3 ft. Antenna 
82-9126A11 Am-2.6-11w-A 11 GHz 3 ft. Antenna
82-9104A23 Am-4-23-A 23 GHz 4 ft. Antenna 
82-9104A18 Am-4-18-A 18 GHz 4 ft. Antenna 
82-9104A11 Am-4-11w-A 11 GHz 4 ft. Antenna 
82-9106A18 Am-6-18-A 18 GHz 6 ft. Antenna 
82-9106A11 Am-6-11w-A 11 GHz 6 ft. Antenna 
82-7606 RGT Lightning Suppressor N Fem-Fem (Need 2 per IDU/ODU)
82-9025-MT RFU-C-POLEMOUNT RFU-CX Pole Mount Kit
82-9030-11 RFU-C11-OMT-DM-KIT RFU-C OMT Direct Mount 11GHz
82-9030-18 RFU-C18-OMT-DM-KIT RFU-C OMT Direct Mount 18GHz
82-9030-23 RFU-C23-OMT-DM-KIT RFU-C OMT Direct Mount 23GHz
82-9031A11 RFU-C11-OMT-INT-A RFU-C OMT Interface-Andrew 11GHz
82-9031A18 RFU-C18-OMT-INT-A RFU-C OMT Interface-Andrew 18GHz
82-9031A23 RFU-C23-OMT-INT-A RFU-C OMT Interface-Andrew 23GHz
82-9031R11 RFU-C11-OMT-INT-RW RFU-C OMT Interface-Radiowaves 11GHz
82-9031R18 RFU-C18-OMT-INT-RW RFU-C OMT Interface-Radiowaves 18GHz
82-9031R23 RFU-C23-OMT-INT-RW RFU-C OMT Interface-Radiowaves 23GHz
82-9032-11 RFU-C10_11-OMT-SHORT RFU-C Short OMT Kit 11GHz
82-9032 RFU-C18_26-OMT-SHORT RFU-C Short OMT Kit 18-26GHz
82-9033-11 RFU-C11-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 11GHz
82-9033-18 RFU-C18-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 18GHz
82-9033-23 RFU-C23-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 23GHz
82-9034-11 RFU-C11-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 11GHz
82-9034-18 RFU-C18-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 18GHz
82-9034-23 RFU-C23-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 23GHz
82-9035-11 RFU-C10_11-RM_ADAPT RFU-C Adaptor For Rm Kit 11GHz
82-9036-11 ADPT_RFU-C10_11-RM_Imp Adapter - Std Int (CPR90G) to mm Flex-WG (pbr100) 11GHz
82-9036-6 ADPT_RFU-C6-RM_Imp Adapter - Std Int (CPR137G) to mm Flex-WG (udr70) 6GHz
82-9037-11 UG39/U_TO_CPR90G_ADAPTOR Adapter - RFU-C (UG39/U) to Std-WG (CPR90G) 11GHz