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FibeAir® IP-20G - High-capacity, hybrid, split-mount for edge and ring nodes

FibeAir IP-20G is the hybrid, split-mount hauling solution for edge and ring nodes that require high capacity. It boosts performance in today’s networks while providing a cost-effective path to future network requirements. The solution offers full support for legacy TDM as well as a rich set of advanced Carrier Ethernet services providing a wide range of new capabilities that address the diverse and evolving needs of mobile backhaul, ISPs, utilities, government and private networks.

FibeAir IP-20G covers the entire licensed frequency spectrum and offers multi-gigabits of capacity with high spectral efficiency across license-exempt and all licensed frequency bands (4-86GHz).
A fixed-configuration, low power consumption solution, IP-20G is simple to install and maintain while boasting the advanced and cost-saving features across the entire IP-20 platform.

IP-20G-M2-E6-T16-2DC+SM IP-20G Chassis, Dual Carrier GigE + 16xT1, 2x48VDC input
IP-20G-M2-E6-2DC+SM IP-20G Chassis, Dual Carrier GigE, 2x48VDC input
IP-20G-M1-E6-T16-2DC+SM IP-20G Chassis, Single Carrier GigE + 16xT1, 2x48VDC input
IP-20G-M1-E6+SM IP-20G Chassis, Single Carrier GigE, 1x48VDC input

Capacity License (when ordered with hardware)
For upgrades to field equipment, please call for pricing 
82-9084-1 IP-20-SL-Capacity-200M IP-20 SL - Capacity 200M, per carrier
82-9084-2 IP-20-SL-Capacity-225M IP-20 SL - Capacity 225M, per carrier
82-9084-3 IP-20-SL-Capacity-250M IP-20 SL - Capacity 250M, per carrier
82-9084-4 IP-20-SL-Capacity-300M IP-20 SL - Capacity 300M, per carrier
82-9084-5 IP-20-SL-Capacity-350M IP-20 SL - Capacity 350M, per carrier
82-9084-6 IP-20-SL-Capacity-400M IP-20 SL - Capacity 400M, per carrier
82-9084-7 IP-20-SL-Capacity-450M IP-20 SL - Capacity 450M, per carrier
82-9084-8 IP-20-SL-Capacity-500M IP-20 SL - Capacity 500M, per carrier
Feature License (when ordered with hardware)
For upgrades to field equipment, please call for pricing 
82-9084ACM IP-20-SL-ACM IP-20 SL - ACM, per carrier
82-9084PIP IP-20-SL-Smart-Pipe IP-20 SL - Smart-Pipe
IP-20-SL-2nd_Modem-Act. IP-20-SL-2nd_Modem-Act. IP-20 SL - 2nd Modem Activation
82-9084MIMO IP-20-SL-MIMO IP-20 SL - MIMO, per carrier
82-9084MC IP-20-SL-MC-ABC IP-20 SL - MC-ABC, per carrier
82-9084ENH IP-20-SL-Header-DeDuplication IP-20 SL - Header De-Dup, per carrier
82-9084XPC IP-20-SL-XPIC IP-20 SL - XPIC, per carrier