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IP-20CFibeAir® IP-20S -
Compact, all-outdoor, high-capacity for hauling of edge nodes

With the proliferation of all-outdoor sites, mobile network operators require a compact, environmentally friendly hauling solution that will provide capacity and an optimal mix of function and performance while minimizing cost of ownership.

High capacity, compact and low power consuming FibeAir IP-20S is the ideal solution for efficient and cost-effective all-outdoor backhaul operation. Simple to install and maintain, it is the cost-effective, reliable solution for the hauling of outdoor edge nodes.

Today’s HetNets are undergoing rapid technological advancement. Hauling solutions implemented today must be versatile and flexible to continue to deliver cost-effective performance that can evolve with the demands of tomorrow. FibeAir IP-20S boosts performance in today’s networks while providing a cost-effective path to future requirements. With an integrated programmable network processor, it offers a rich set of advanced Carrier Ethernet services providing a wide range of new capabilities that address the diverse and evolving needs of mobile operators, ISPs, utilities, government and private networks.

Employing the common features of the IP-20 platform, including integrated programmable network processors and CeraOS,
the IP-20S protects investment and simplifies network modernization.

P-20S RFU (two per link) Data Sheet
Ceragon P/N Description
IP-20S-F-18-H-ESS IP-20S  18GHz TX High, No MIMO 19260-19700MHz
IP-20S-F-18-L-ESS IP-20S  18GHz  TX Low, No MIMO 17700-18140MHz
IP-20S-F-23-L-H-ESS IP-20S  23GHz  Low Band TX High, No MIMO 22400-23000MHz
IP-20S-F-23-L-L-ESS IP-20S  23GHz  Low Band TX Low, No MIMO 21200-21800MHz
IP-20S-F-23-H-H-ESS IP-20S  23GHz High Band TX High, No MIMO 23000-23600MHz
IP-20S-F-23-H-L-ESS IP-20S  23GHz  High Band TX Low, No MIMO 21800-22400MHz
IP-20S-HP-6L-252A-1W4-H-ESS IP-20S 6L  Channel 1-4 TX High, No MIMO 6181-74-6301.69MHz
IP-20S-HP-6L-252A-1W4-L-ESS IP-20S 6L Channel 1-4 TX Low, No MIMO 5929.7-6049.65MHz
IP-20S-HP-6L-252A-3W6-H-ESS IP-20S 6L Channel 3-6 TX High, No MIMO 6241.04-6360.99MHz
IP-20S-HP-6L-252A-3W6-L-ESS IP-20S 6L Channel 3-6 TX Low, No MIMO 5989.0-6108.95MHz
IP-20S-HP-6L-252A-5W8-H-ESS IP-20S 6L Channel 5-8 TX High, No MIMO 6300.34-6420.29MHz
IP-20S-HP-6L-252A-5W8-L-ESS IP-20S 6L Channel 5-8 TX Low, No MIMO 6048.3-6168.25MHz
IP-20S-HP-11-500-1W6-H-ESS IP-20S  11GHz Channel 1-6 (Low Band) TX High, No MIMO 11185-11485MHz
IP-20S-HP-11-500-1W6-L-ESS IP-20S  11GHz Channel 1-6 (Low Band) TX Low, No MIMO 10695-10955MHz
IP-20S-HP-11-500-6W12-H-ESS IP-20S  11GHz Channel 6-12 (High Band) TX High, No MIMO 11385-11705MHz
IP-20S-HP-11-500-6W12-L-ESS IP-20S  11GHz Channel 6-12 (High Band) TX Low, No MIMO 10895-11205MHz
IP-20S-HP-11w-500-1W6-H-ESS IP-20S  11GHz Channel 1-6 (Low Band) TX High, No MIMO, w/80MHz Support 11185-11485MHz
IP-20S-HP-11w-500-1W6-L-ESS IP-20S  11GHz Channel 1-6 (Low Band) TX Low, No MIMO, w/80MHz Support 10695-10955MHz
IP-20S-HP-11w-500-6W12-H-ESS IP-20S  11GHz Channel 6-12 (High Band) TX High, No MIMO, w/80MHz Support 11385-11705MHz
IP-20S-HP-11w-500-6W12-L-ESS IP-20S  11GHz Channel 6-12 (High Band) TX Low, No MIMO, w/80MHz Support 10895-11205MHz
IP-20S-F-18w-H-ESS IP-20S  TX High, No MIMO, w/80MHz Support 19260-19700MHz
IP-20S-F-18w-L-ESS IP-20S  TX Low, No MIMO, w/80MHz Support 17700-18140MHz

Capacity License (when ordered with hardware)
For upgrades to field equipment, please call for pricing 
82-9084-1 IP-20-SL-Capacity-200M IP-20 SL - Capacity 200M, per carrier
82-9084-2 IP-20-SL-Capacity-225M IP-20 SL - Capacity 225M, per carrier
82-9084-3 IP-20-SL-Capacity-250M IP-20 SL - Capacity 250M, per carrier
82-9084-4 IP-20-SL-Capacity-300M IP-20 SL - Capacity 300M, per carrier
82-9084-5 IP-20-SL-Capacity-350M IP-20 SL - Capacity 350M, per carrier
82-9084-6 IP-20-SL-Capacity-400M IP-20 SL - Capacity 400M, per carrier
82-9084-7 IP-20-SL-Capacity-450M IP-20 SL - Capacity 450M, per carrier
82-9084-8 IP-20-SL-Capacity-500M IP-20 SL - Capacity 500M, per carrier
Feature License (when ordered with hardware)
For upgrades to field equipment, please call for pricing 
82-9084ACM IP-20-SL-ACM IP-20 SL - ACM, per carrier
82-9084PIP IP-20-SL-Smart-Pipe IP-20 SL - Smart-Pipe
82-9084MIMO IP-20-SL-MIMO IP-20 SL - MIMO, per carrier
82-9084ENH IP-20-SL-Header-DeDuplication IP-20 SL - Header De-Dup, per carrier
82-9084XPC IP-20-SL-XPIC IP-20 SL - XPIC, per carrier
IP-20C Interface Antennas
82-9101F23 AM -1-23-R 1ft. 23GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9102F11 AM-2-11-R       2ft. 11GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9102F18 AM-2-18-R       2ft. 18GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9102F23 AM-2-23-R  2ft. 23GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9103F11 AM-3-11-R 3ft. 11GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9103F18 AM-3-18-R 3ft. 18GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9103F23 AM-3-23-R 3ft. 23GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9104F6 AM-4-6-R 4ft. 6GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9104F11 AM-4-11-R     4ft. 11GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9104F18 AM-4-18-R      4ft. 18GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9104F23 AM-4-23-R     4ft. 23GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9106F6 AM-6-6-R 6ft. 6GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9106F11 AM-6-11W-R 6ft. 11GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9106F18 AM-6-18-R 6ft. 18GHz with RFU-C Interface
82-9106F23 AM-6-23-R 6ft. 23GHz with RFU-C Interface


29-8922-EXT SFP-GE-SX-EXT-TEMP Mini GBIC Module Multimode LC Extreme Temperature
PoE_INJ-AO PoE_INJ_AO PoE Injector Box for IP-20S
82-9085-GLANDx5 IP-20C_Glands_kit IP-20C Glands 5-Pack
82-9000GND CBL-GND Ground Cable For IDU/ODU IP10
82-9090-6 IP-20C_6G_Rmt_Mnt_adpt IP-20C 6G Remote Mount adaptor to 2x UDR70 Interfaces
82-9090-11 IP-20C_11G_Rmt_Mnt_adpt IP-20C 10-11G Remote Mount adaptor to 2x UBR100 Interface
82-9085-MT IP-20C-Pole-Mount IP-20C DC REMOTE MOUNT KIT
82-4889 CMJ8-POE-B Mode-B POE Surge Suppressor RJ45 F-F Outdoor GigE
82-9031A11 RFU-C11-OMT-INT-A RFU-C OMT Interface-Andrew 11GHz
82-9031A18 RFU-C18-OMT-INT-A RFU-C OMT Interface-Andrew 18GHz
82-9031A23 RFU-C23-OMT-INT-A RFU-C OMT Interface-Andrew 23GHz
82-9031R11 RFU-C11-OMT-INT-RW RFU-C OMT Interface-Radiowaves 11GHz
82-9031R18 RFU-C18-OMT-INT-RW RFU-C OMT Interface-Radiowaves 18GHz
82-9031R23 RFU-C23-OMT-INT-RW RFU-C OMT Interface-Radiowaves 23GHz