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IP10C RFU (two per link)


FibeAir IP-10C is a compact, all-outdoor backhaul Ethernet product. FibeAir IP-10C combines radio, baseband, and Carrier Ethernet functionality in a single, durable box for outdoor installations. FibeAir IP-10C offers the convenience of an easy installation procedure, and full compatibility with FibeAir RFU-C mediation devices, enabling easy transition of existing sites to all-outdoor zero-footprint solutions. It is designed for use in tail sites, particularly as part of a Smart Pipe solution.

FibeAir IP-10C covers the entire licensed frequency spectrum and offers a wide capacity range, from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps over a single radio carrier, depending on traffic scenario based on MAC and enhanced Multi-Layer header compression.Functionality and capacity are enabled via license keys while using the same hardware.
Part No.  Ceragon P/N Description 
82-9045-A1H IP-10C-6L-252A-1W4-TH IP-10C,6LGHz 252A Ch 1-4 TxH
82-9045-A1L IP-10C-6L-252A-1W4-TL IP-10C,6LGHz 252A Ch 1-4 TxL
82-9045-A3H IP-10C-6L-252A-3W6-TH IP-10C,6LGHz 252A Ch 3-6 TxH
82-9045-A3L IP-10C-6L-252A-3W6-TL IP-10C,6LGHz 252A Ch 3-6 TxL
82-9045-A5H IP-10C-6L-252A-5W8-TH IP-10C,6LGHz 252A Ch 5-8 TxH
82-9045-A5L IP-10C-6L-252A-5W8-TL IP-10C,6LGHz 252A Ch 5-8 TxL
82-9045FXH IP-10C-11-L-TH IP10C ODU 11GHz Low Band TxH
82-9045FXL IP-10C-11-L-TL IP10C ODU 11GHz Low Band TxL
82-9045EXL IP-10C-11-H-TL IP10C ODU 11GHz Hi Band TxL
82-9045EXH IP-10C-11-H-TH IP10C ODU 11GHz Hi Band TxH
82-9045IXH IP-10C-F-18-TH IP10C ODU 18GHz TxH
82-9045IXL IP-10C-F-18-TL IP10C ODU 18GHz TxL
82-9045KXH IP-10C-F-23-L-TH IP10C ODU 23GHz Low Band TxH
82-9045KXL IP-10C-F-23-L-TL IP10C ODU 23GHz Low Band TxL
82-9045JXH IP-10C-F-23-H-TH IP10C ODU 23GHz High Band TxH
82-9045JXL IP-10C-F-23-H-TL IP10C ODU 23GHz High Band TxL
Capacity License (two per link)  (when ordered with hardware)
For upgrades to field equipment, please call for pricing 
82-9000-2 IP10-SL-CAP-025 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 25Mbps
82-9000-3 IP10-SL-CAP-050 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 50Mbps
82-9000-4 IP10-SL-CAP-100 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 100Mbps
82-9000-5 IP10-SL-CAP-150 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 150Mbps
82-9000-6 IP10-SL-CAP-200 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 200Mbps
82-9000-7 IP10-SL-CAP-300 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 300Mbps
82-9000-A IP10-SL-CAP-ALL IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to All Available
82-9000ACM IP10-SL-ACM Enable ACM for IP-10 IDU
IP-10 Interface Antennas
82-9101A23 Am-1-23-A 23 GHz 1 ft. Antenna
82-9102A23 Am-2-23-A 23 GHz 2 ft. Antenna 
82-9102A18 Am-2-18-A 18 GHz 2 ft. Antenna
82-9103A23 Am-3-23-A 23 GHz 3 ft. Antenna 
82-9103A18 Am-3-18-A 18 GHz 3 ft. Antenna 
82-9126A11w Am-2.6-11w-A 11 GHz 3 ft. Antenna
82-9104A23 Am-4-23-A 23 GHz 4 ft. Antenna 
82-9104A18 Am-4-18-A 18 GHz 4 ft. Antenna 
82-9104A11w Am-4-11w-A 11 GHz 4 ft. Antenna 
82-9106A18 Am-6-18-A 18 GHz 6 ft. Antenna 
82-9106A11w Am-6-11w-A 11 GHz 6 ft. Antenna 
29-8922-EXT SFP-GE-SX-EXT-TEMP Mini GBIC Module Multimode LC Extreme Temperature
82-7607 S-240-48 AC to DC Power Supply, 110VAC to 48VDC  (need 1 per RFU)
82-9025-MT RFU-C-POLEMOUNT RFU-CX Pole Mount Kit
82-4889 CMJ8-POE-B Mode-B POE Surge Suppressor RJ45 F-F Outdoor GigE
82-9030-11 RFU-C11-OMT-DM-KIT RFU-C OMT Direct Mount 11GHz
82-9030-18 RFU-C18-OMT-DM-KIT RFU-C OMT Direct Mount 18GHz
82-9030-23 RFU-C23-OMT-DM-KIT RFU-C OMT Direct Mount 23GHz
82-9031A11 RFU-C11-OMT-INT-A RFU-C OMT Interface-Andrew 11GHz
82-9031A18 RFU-C18-OMT-INT-A RFU-C OMT Interface-Andrew 18GHz
82-9031A23 RFU-C23-OMT-INT-A RFU-C OMT Interface-Andrew 23GHz
82-9031R11 RFU-C11-OMT-INT-RW RFU-C OMT Interface-Radiowaves 11GHz
82-9031R18 RFU-C18-OMT-INT-RW RFU-C OMT Interface-Radiowaves 18GHz
82-9031R23 RFU-C23-OMT-INT-RW RFU-C OMT Interface-Radiowaves 23GHz
82-9032-11 RFU-C10_11-OMT-SHORT RFU-C Short OMT Kit 11GHz
82-9032 RFU-C18_26-OMT-SHORT RFU-C Short OMT Kit 18-26GHz
82-9033-11 RFU-C11-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 11GHz
82-9033-18 RFU-C18-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 18GHz
82-9033-23 RFU-C23-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 23GHz
82-9034-11 RFU-C11-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 11GHz
82-9034-18 RFU-C18-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 18GHz
82-9034-23 RFU-C23-TWST-KIT RFU-C Twist Adaptor Kit 23GHz
82-9035-11 RFU-C10_11-RM_ADAPT RFU-C Adaptor For Rm Kit 11GHz
82-9036-11 ADPT_RFU-C10_11-RM_Imp Adapter - Std Int (CPR90G) to mm Flex-WG (pbr100) 11GHz
82-9036-6 ADPT_RFU-C6-RM_Imp Adapter - Std Int (CPR137G) to mm Flex-WG (udr70) 6GHz
82-9037-11 UG39/U_TO_CPR90G_ADAPTOR Adapter - RFU-C (UG39/U) to Std-WG (CPR90G) 11GHz
Required Power/Ethernet Specifications
   DC power cable gauges: <75m - 18AWG, 75<-<100m - 16AWG
   Grounding cable: 6AWG ground cable
  Ethernet Cable: CAT5E shielded cable, RJ-45 connectors
  Power Supply: output; -48VDC, rated power; 75W 150W, input; 3A/115VAC, 2A/230VAC