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IP10-EFibeAir IP-10 E-Series is an All-Packet, high capacity wireless backhaul solution.  Combining advanced Ethernet networking functionality with best-in-class microwave radio performance, FibeAir IP-10 E- Series meets the capacity demand of 4G/LTE backhaul, with up to 2 Gbps per channel.

The advanced packet engine of the FibeAir IP-10 E-series offers unrivaled wireless transport capacities and is optimized for mobile internet and broadband services in an all-IP environment. Taking into account Quality of Experience (QoE), the FibeAir IP-10 E-Series is engineered to deliver up to 2Gbps of IP traffic per channel. The solution can utilize a
breakthrough asymmetrical traffic delivery mode to enable higher download capacities in asymmetric scenarios.

Geared with powerful low delay traffic management, the FibeAir IP-10 E- Series helps generate more revenue at the lowest overall cost by offering operators better spectrum utilization, comprehensive synchronization solutions, and low power consumption.  With advanced end-to-end Ethernet service management and Operation Administration & Maintenance (OA&M) tools, the solution simplifies network design, reduces capital and operational expenditures - while improving overall network availability and supporting services with stringent SLA.
IDU (two per link)
Part Number Ceragon P/N Description 
82-9012-E IP10E(R3)-SU IP-10E IDU Ethernet Only
82-9012T16 IP10G(R3)-16T1-TSLT-SU-XPC-2DC IP-10G (R3) IDU Ethernet with 16xT1
2 RFUs required per link RFU-C RFU-HP RFU-Ae  
License Keys (two per link)  (when ordered with hardware)
82-9000-2 IP10-SL-CAP-025 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 25Mbps
82-9000-3 IP10-SL-CAP-050 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 50Mbps
82-9000-4 IP10-SL-CAP-100 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 100Mbps
82-9000-5 IP10-SL-CAP-150 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 150Mbps
82-9000-6 IP10-SL-CAP-200 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 200Mbps
82-9000-7 IP10-SL-CAP-300 IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to 300Mbps
82-9000-A IP10-SL-CAP-ALL IP-10 Capacity Upgrade to All Available
82-9000ACM IP10-SL-ACM Enable ACM for IP-10 IDU
82-9000MET IP10-SL-METRO Enable Metro Switch For IP-10 IDU
29-8922-R1 GLC-SX-MM R1 SFP Optical Interface GBIC MM LC
82-9001-3M IP10-CBL-16T1-OE-3M IP10 16 T1. cable
82-7606 RGT Lightning Suppressor N F-F  
82-7607 S-240-48 Power Supply, 110VAC to 48VDC  (1 per IDU)