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Path Align-R™ :  Antenna Alignment Tool
The Path Align-R ™ Model 2241 is a complete high performance test solution designed to quickly and accurately optimize the transmission path (link) between two microwave antenna sites…in a matter of minutes! With a transmit power of +0 dBm (0.001 watts) and a maximum receive sensitivity of -100 dBm, the Path Align-R™ will rapidly verify the optimum location for both the receive and transmit antennas. Because the Path Align-R™ directly drives the site's antennas, the optimization process is done without the need for radios, expensive and complex test equipment, ground technicians, on-site AC power, cell phones, two-way radios, etc., etc.…All that is required are the antennas themselves (and adapters and connectors).

If you are an antenna installer,
tower manufacturer,
antenna manufacturer,
or a company that contracts
antenna installation
and/or maintenance...
the Path Align-R may be the best
investment you'll ever make!


  • Four Tuneable Operating Bands (See model designations)
  • Path Loss displayed in dB (0.1 dB resolution / to -100 dBm maximum sensitivity), display updated every 300 ms
  • Tone Ranging: Switchable, provides variable-pitch indication of path loss
  • Continuous Talk and Listen over Link (Full-Duplex Voice, FM Mod.), headset included
  • Battery-powered Alignment Test Set (7 lbs./unit), charger included (3-5 hours operating)
  • Weather-resistant Instrument Back-pack included
The Path Align-R™ test sets are available in several frequency band configurations:
Model 2241 Band Frequencies:
Band 1:  1.8–2.5 GHz
Band 2:  3.5–5.0 GHz & 5.8–6.6 GHz
Band 3:  7.5–10.0 GHz & 11.0–12.0 GHz
Band 4:  18.1–19.4 GHz & 22.0–23.5 GHz
Note:  The Path Align-R test sets may be ordered with less than all four bands
Call Connectronics for details.

Part No. Description List Price Installer Price
38-2078 Path Align-R™ Model 2241 Transmission Path Optimizer w/ Record-R™ (Includes 2 Transceivers) 17,500.00 17,097.00
38-2078-CR Path Align-R™ Model 2241 Climb Ready Package (Bands 1-4)
Includes Path Align-R™ Model 2241 set and 2 each of the following accessories: spare battery, SMA to N-Type Adapter, watertight case, WR137, WR90, WR112 and WR42 waveguide adapters.
19,445.00 19,042.00
38-2066 ACC 351 Adapter, Ceragon 11GHz Waveguide to Coax - SMA Female  747.50 732.00
38-2068 ACC 358 Adapter, Ceragon 18GHz Waveguide to Coax - SMA Female 747.50 732.00
38-2067 ACC 353 Adapter, Ceragon 23GHz Waveguide to Coax - SMA Female 747.50 732.00

2241 Path Align-R data sheet (110 kB)*