Global provider of wideband distributed network solutions for in-building cellular and public safety services

Zinwave’s UNItivity platform is the only truly future-proof, universal wireless access solution on the market.

UNItivity’s unique wideband architecture breaks the cycle of endless DAS upgrades because it supports any frequency from 150 MHz to 2700 MHz, accommodating current and future wireless services without hardware upgrades.

In addition, UNItivity’s streamlined, all-fiber architecture makes it more reliable and much easier to install than traditional DAS solutions.

Key highlights
Universal wireless solution,
supports multiple wireless services simultaneously

• Cellular
• Public Safety

Wideband capability in a single system
• 150MHz-2700MHz

System simplicity and flexibility
• Only 4 basic system elements
• Single star or double star topologies
Standard enterprise cabling infrastructure
• Fiber (MMF/SMF) from headend to antenna
• Easy to install, not disruptive
• Low cost

Flexible and future ready
• No extra system hardware required to add new operators or frequencies later
• Supports both FDD and TDD

Part No. Item Description List Dealer
302-1001 UNIhub Chassis (Primary or Secondary]    
  The Hub is extremely flexible, as it can be used as either a Primary or Secondary Hub. When configured as a Primary, the Hub provides the interface to the RF source and converts RF signals to optical and connects via fiber to either additional Hubs (when configured as Secondary Hubs) or UNItivity Remotes (in the case of a single star configuration). 5,515.00 4136.25
302-1002 Unitivity Optical Module 927.00 695.25
  The Optical Module has two functions.  Firstly, if a Hub is configured as a Secondary, the Optical Module is used to support the fiber link from the Primary Hub to the Secondary Hub (in this instance, the Optical Module is deployed in one of the slots normally occupied by a Service Module).  Secondly, the Optical Module is used to support fiber links from the Hub (either Primary or Secondary) to the Remotes.  Up to 8 Optical Modules can be deployed in the Hub for this purpose, and they are hot swappable units to allow for system maintenance or adding additional Remotes with no impact to service.    
302-1003 Unitivity Service RF Module 461.00 345.75
  Service Modules (up to 4 of which can be deployed in the back of a single Primary Hub) provide the interface to the RF signal source i.e. BDA, BTS, small cell, etc.  The modules are hot swappable units, allowing either system maintenance or the addition of operators or frequencies to be done without disrupting service.    
302-1007 Unitivity Wideband Remote Unit (RU) 2,150.00 1612.50
  The Remote Unit, which is connected to the Primary or Secondary hub via fiber (SMF or MMF), is typically mounted above ceiling tiles or in out-of-sight locations as close as possible to the service area.  It converts the wireless signal from optical to RF (or vice versa) and amplifies it for transmission to or from a mobile device.  Like the rest of the system, the remote is a wideband unit capable of supporting all frequencies from 150MHz to 2700MHz in any combination. ;    
302-0017 Rack Mount P.S.U. Servicing RU 1,860.00 1395.00
506-0010 Local AC Power Supply for RU 117.00 87.75