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Cellular Gateways

  3G MobileBridge (MB8000)
Top Global's MobileBridge is a patented, mobile/portable wireless communication gateway. MobileBridge is the industrial first and the most integrated WLAN and WWAN solution for Enterprise, Mobile Hot Spots, and WISPs. The product is secure, simple to use, and easily scalable to enable new applications of Wi-Fi.
Top Global mobile hot Spot solution based on MobileBridge combines the best of Wi-Fi technology and 3G/4G mobile communications technology. It leverages the existing and widely available 3G/4G infrastructures with the flexible, low cost and simple to use WLAN technology for enterprise applications and for rapid deployment of hot spots anywhere around the world. The solution comes with a complete suite of software package including security, network management, and AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) features.

Part No. Description
Spec. Sheet
Retail Dealer
82-6404 3G MobileBridge (MB8000) 359.00 259.00

 3G Mobile Router (MB6800)

3G Mobile Router is a new 3G/4G mobile router in TOP Global's MobileBridge™  family. It leverages 3G wireless with Wi-Fi technology and offers up to 4 Ethernet ports for local computers, printers or other network devices.

Easily connecting to high-speed 3G cellular networks (no additional requirements for software, drivers or interfaces) and fast implementation makes MB6800 an ideal fast Internet access solution for home and SME.

RoHS & WEEE compliant.

Part No. Description
Spec. Sheet
Retail Dealer
82-6155 3G Mobile Router (MB6800) 299.00 263.00
3G Kiosk Router (MB5000K)
TOP Global MB5000K is a compact cost effective 3G router designed to provide
Internet access for customers using Kiosk deployments for which WiFi is not wanted.
Part No. Description Retail Dealer
82-6156 3G Mobile Router 229.00 209.00


82-6410 12 VDC Car Adapter    29.00

82-6411 Spare 110VAC Power Cube 26.00

82-6420 2.4 GHz Rubber Duck 29.00 16.00


Dual Band Cellular Amp & Power Adapter

Part No. Description Retail
82-6181 • Connects directly to cell phone or data card 269.00 211.00
  • Supports all data modes (EVDO, 1xRTT, GPRS, Edge, UMTS)
  • 10-14dBi Typical Gain, FME-Male connectors

• 3 watt power amplifier output


• For mobile, marine and in-building use


• 12VDC car cigarette lighter adapter included



Cellular Antennas

Part No. Description Retail Dealer
82-6408 EVDO Table Top Antenna with FME-Female 69.00 49.00
82-2174 5-6dBi Dual Band Cell Mini-Mag 2-3dBi Antenna w/FME-Female 40.00 24.00
82-2167 7dBi Dual Band Cellular Mag. Antenna w/N-Female 155.00 116.00
82-2168 12dBi Corner reflector w/N-Female (1.8-2.0 GHz) 139.00 107.00
82-2169 13dBi High Gain EVDO Directional Yagi w/N-Female 149.00 119.00



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