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Siklu builds gigabit wireless backhaul solutions over 70-80 GHz E-band and 60 GHz millimeter waves at the lowest cost in the industry.
Siklu’s EtherHaul systems are ideal for LTE macro and small cell backhaul, fiber extension and business service delivery. The EtherHaul
E-band radios are the top choice of tier-1 operators for Gigabit backhaul worldwide. Thousands of units have been sold - deployed and
operating solidly in all weather conditions.
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60GHz PtMP 70-80GHz E-Band 60GHz V-Band
60GHz MultiHaul EH-7xx Series EH 1200 Series EH-2X00 Series EH-5500FD EH-8010FX EH-500TX EH-600T

MultiHaul™ Series


60GHz Point-to-Multipoint radio

  • Ultra-high multi-gigabit throughput
  • Plug & play with automatic alignment
  • Beamforming technology with 90º scanning antenna
  • Perfect for 5G fixed wireless and security networks

Millimeter waves + PtMP, a winning combo

The MultiHaul™ brings the advantages of millimeter waves – multi-gigabit throughput and high
 reliability – to a cost effective point-to-multipoint form factor. Seamlessly and quickly extend
 your fiber network and start delivering 5G-ready fixed-wireless today.

 Product Benefits

  • Point-to-multipoint 2.3Gbps over the air capacity to rooftops or street fixtures.
  • Plug & play radio uses beamforming antennas that auto-align, making installation a lightning quick one-person job.
  • The advanced beamforming technology combines a wide 90-degree scanning angle with pencil-thin beams, maximizing coverage with no interference.
  • Physically immune narrow beams are as reliable, interference free and secure as fiber, making them a natural extension of your fiber plant.
  • Hacker and jam-proof thin beams provide robust security in addition to the AES encryption.
  • Easy street level and rooftop site acquisition and installation with a ½-liter slim and small radio.
  • Dynamically adjusts upload and download capacity to align throughput with demand, significantly enhancing the use experience.
  • System includes base unit with 3 ports and up to 8 terminal units with 1 or 3 ports, and space and power saving PoE.
  • Cost reducing PtMP system requires fewer units per deployment, decreasing both CapEx and OpEx.
Part number  Description  List Price
MH-B100-CCS-PoE-MWB MultiHaul™ BU, 90°, 500Mbps upgradable to 1800Mbps, 2 RJ-45 & 1 SFP (1 port PSE
 enabled), MK & PoE injector included, IP-65, White
MH-T200-CNN-PoE-MWB MultiHaul™ TU, 90°, base rate 100Mbps upgradable to 1000Mbps, 1 RJ-45, MK & PoE
 injector included, IP-65, White
MH-T200-CCC-PoE-MWB MultiHaul™ TU, 90°, base rate 100Mbps upgradable to 1000Mbps, 3 RJ-45 with PSE
 (2 ports PSE enabled), MK & PoE injector included, IP-65, White
Part number  Description  List Price
EH-MK-SM Extended Mounting Kit for elevation of MultiHaul™ units up to +45° / -25° 140.00
EH-MK-SM-EXT Extender for EH-MK-SM, for elevation of MultiHaul™ units down to -45° 20 .00
MH-UPG-TU-100-1000 MultiHaul™ TU upgrade from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps 300.00
MH-UPG-BU-500-1800 MultiHaul™ BU capacity upgrade from 500 Mbps to 1800 Mbps 400.00
Part number  Description  List Price
EH-SFP+10G-MM 1 & 2.5Gbps, MMF, 300m 140.00
EH-SFP+10G-SM 1 & 2.5Gbps, SMF, 10km 320.00
EH-SFP-MM 1Gbps, MMF, 550m 80.00
EH-SFP-SM 1Gbps, SMF, 10km 100.00