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Siklu builds gigabit wireless backhaul solutions over 70-80 GHz E-band and 60 GHz millimeter waves at the lowest cost in the industry.
Siklu’s EtherHaul systems are ideal for LTE macro and small cell backhaul, fiber extension and business service delivery. The EtherHaul
E-band radios are the top choice of tier-1 operators for Gigabit backhaul worldwide. Thousands of units have been sold - deployed and
operating solidly in all weather conditions.
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60GHz PtMP 70-80GHz E-Band 60GHz V-Band
60GHz MultiHaul EH-7xx Series EH 1200 Series EH-2X00 Series EH-5500FD EH-8010FX EH-500TX EH-600T


70/80GHz High-Range E-Band Radio

  • 5 Gigabit full-duplex throughput
  • Very low latency
  • Perfect for fiber replacement/extension/backup

5-Gigabit Fiber-Like Performance

The EH-5500FD provides 5Gbps full duplex layer 1 connectivity with a very low delay, providing highest performance fiber extension, replacement and backup over wireless. The combination of high performance and low latency make it perfect for the most demanding connectivity applications.

Product Benefits

  • Robust performance, full-duplex 5Gbps capacity achieved at only 32 QAM modulation.
  • Real time connectivity with <10µSec latency supports the most demanding delay sensitive applications.
  • Fiber-like layer 1 connectivity transparently transports any protocol. The EH-5500FD easily integrates with Ethernet switches or MPLS routers
    to enable deployment in ring, mesh or any high resiliency topology.
  • Unmatched wireless range achieved due to wider channels, high TX power, and excellent receiver sensitivity.
  • Provide predictable and reliable services in the interference-free E-band.
  • Hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation ensures reliable performance under any weather condition.
  • Deploy dense and scalable networks anywhere, thanks to the unique combination of pencil width beams, and 3x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels
  • Zero touch installation with only a voltmeter – no telco expertise necessary – and using optional activation from a NOC.
  • Two-step capacity licenses for scalable and competitive rollouts and expansions.
  • Multiple antenna options for use in a variety of distance & link availability conditions.
  • 10Gig optical interface for easy interconnection with any network device.
  • Dual power feed: PoE+direct DC for increased redundancy.
  • Field proven advanced all-silicon integration increases reliability and reduces costs. The EtherHaul is the most deployed millimeter wave radio in the world.
Part number  Description  List
EH-5500FD-ODU-H-EXT EtherHaul-5500FD ODU with ADAPTER,Tx High, Power: POE&DC, 2G capacity upgradable to 5G, ports:1xfiber (1xcopper for management) 5,100.00
EH-5500FD-ODU-L-EXT EtherHaul-5500FD ODU with ADAPTER,Tx Low, Power: POE&DC, 2G capacity upgradable to 5G, ports:1xfiber (1xcopper for management) 5,100.00
Accessories-Antennas and Mounting Bracket 
EH-ANT-1ft EtherHaul 1 ft. antenna (FCC/ETSI) 290.00
EH-MK-1ft EtherHaul Mounting Kit for 1 ft Antenna 145.00
EH-MK-1ft-COMMS Commscope Mounting Kit for EtherHaul w/ 1 ft Antenna 288.00
EH-ANT-2ft-SET EtherHaul 2 ft. antenna (FCC/ETSI) and mounting kit 915.00
EH-1200-EMULATOR Indoor emulator for large ODUs (ODU & cables not included) 1,880.00
EH-80W- AC/DC-Outdoor AC/DC outdoor  90W (open wires on AC & DC, needs EH-PoE-DC-adaptor-10 for EH-500TX, 600T/TX & 7xxT/TX)  180.00
EH-80W-AC/DC-W/OCBL EH-80W-AC/DC    120.00
EH-H-PoE-DC-PSU-TB Power unit - PoE  FDD/TDD (48VDC source, terminal block)  $120.00
EH-PoE-PD9501 Power unit - PoE 60W, midspan, outdoor, DIN rail mount  840.00
EH-PSU-AC-W/OCBL DIN rail 48VDC (90-240VAC source, W/O AC cable)  120.00
EH-OPT-EXTENDMM DuaLink Backup Feature Option 96.00
EH-SFP+10G-MM SFP+ 10Gbps MM 850 140.00
EH-SFP+10G-SM SFP+ 10Gbps SM 1310 320.00
Service and Support Plans
SR-EW-1Y-F55 Service&Support Plan - Extended Warranty - 1 Year.  1st year included in product warranty 306.00
SR-EW-3Y-F55 Service&Support Plan - Extended Warranty - 3 Years 765.00
SR-EW-5Y-F55 Service&Support Plan - Extended Warranty - 5 Years 1,071.00
SR-AR-1Y-F55 Service&Support Plan - Advance Replacement - 1 Year. Including Extended Warranty cost. 510.00
SR-AR-3Y-F55 Service&Support Plan - Advance Replacement - 3 Years. Including Extended Warranty cost. 1,275.00
SR-AR-5Y-F55 Service&Support Plan - Advance Replacement - 5 Years. Including Extended Warranty cost. 1,785.00
SR-ACTIVATION-F55 Service&Support Plan Activation. Activation fee for missing service coverage period 2,550.00