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Siklu builds gigabit wireless backhaul solutions over 70-80 GHz E-band and 60 GHz millimeter waves at the lowest cost in the industry.
Siklu’s EtherHaul systems are ideal for LTE macro and small cell backhaul, fiber extension and business service delivery. The EtherHaul
E-band radios are the top choice of tier-1 operators for Gigabit backhaul worldwide. Thousands of units have been sold - deployed and
operating solidly in all weather conditions.
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60GHz PtMP 70-80GHz E-Band 60GHz V-Band
60GHz MultiHaul EH-7xx Series EH 1200 Series EH-2X00 Series EH-5500FD EH-8010FX EH-500TX EH-600T

EtherHaul- 600 Series

60GHz V-Band Radio

  • Interference-free, predictable performance
  • Gigabit throughput, TDD
  • Palm size footprint – street-level optimized

Futureproof connectivity

The EtherHaul-600 series provides interference-free gigabit capacity connectivity on the street for Wi-Fi hotspots
security cameras, GTTH – gigabit-to-the-home, small cells and other last mile broadband services.

Product Benefits

  • Provide predictable and reliable services on the uncongested and interference-free V-band.
  • Deploy dense and scalable networks anywhere. The wide 60GHz band, pencil width beams and 11x non-overlapping, user-selectable channels yield the industry’s
     highest spectrum re-use factor.
  • Optimize channel selection by taking advantage of the non-linear high attenuation of the 60GHz spectrum, and matching between the link length and selected channel.
  • Easy street level site acquisition and installation with <2 liter palm-sized radio.
  • Sub-millisecond latency supports extended cascading with low delays, and reduces the need for aggregation points.
  • Deliver mission-critical services under any weather conditions using prioritized payloads with 8 levels of QoS, synced with hitless adaptive modulations.
  • Zero-touch installation with only a voltmeter – no telco expertise necessary – and using optional advanced activation from a NOC.
  • Simplified remote commissioning and troubleshooting with an integrated TCP/UDP capacity tester.
  • Advanced networking toolkit to create flexible topologies in chains, drop & insert and sub-50msec resilient rings
  • Integrated antenna and GbE switch with PoE-In and dual PoE-Out eliminate need for external devices for power, servicing and cascading.
  • Field proven advanced all-silicon integration yields a high 90-yr MTBF and also reduces costs.
  • Extended range in the 64-66GHz spectrum.
  • Unbeatable price/performance.
EH-600-EMULATOR-D0 Indoor emulator for small ODUs (ODU & cables not included) 1,880.00
EH-600-MK EtherHaul-600 Mounting Kit (for all small ODUs) 140.00
EH-60W-AC-PoE-US PoE Injector 60W (100-240 AC source, US AC cable) 110.00
EH-80W- AC/DC-Outdoor AC/DC outdoor  90W (open wires on AC & DC, needs EH-PoE-DC-adaptor-10 for EH-500TX, 600T/TX & 7xxT/TX) 180.00
EH-80W-AC/DC-W/OCBL EH-80W-AC/DC   120.00
EH-H-PoE-DC-PSU-TB Power unit - PoE  FDD/TDD (48VDC source, terminal block) 120.00
EH-MK-SM EtherHaul Mounting Kit for all small ODUs & 16cm antenna, for elevation up to 45 deg 70.00
EH-MK-SM-EXT Extender for EH-MK-SM for elevation up to 60 deg 20.00
EH-OPT-AES AES Encryption Feature Option 600.00
EH-OPT-EXTENDMM DuaLink Backup Feature Option 96.00
EH-OPT-L2 L2 Features Option Package 350.00
EH-OPT-SYNC Synchronous Ethernet Feature Option 350.00
EH-PoE-DC-adaptor-10 Bag of 10 DC injector, RJ-45 form factor, 90W 164.00
EH-H-PoE-DC-PSU-TB Power unit - PoE  FDD/TDD (48VDC source, terminal block) 120.00
EH-PSU-AC-W/OCBL DIN rail 48VDC (90-240VAC source, W/O AC cable) 120.00
EH-SRG Ethernet/PoE Surge Protector (indoor) 100.00
EH-UPG-100-1000 Upgrade from 100 to 1000 Mbps 500.00
EH-UPG-200-500 Upgrade from 200 to 500 Mbps 250.00
EH-UPG-500-1000 Upgrade from 500 to 1000 Mbps 350.00
SR-ACTIVATION-T6 Service&Support Plan Activation. Activation fee for missing service coverage period 995.00
SR-AR-1Y-T6 Service&Support Plan - Advance Replacement - 1 Year. Including Extended Warranty cost. 199.00
SR-AR-3Y-T6 Service&Support Plan - Advance Replacement - 3 Years. Including Extended Warranty cost. 498.00
SR-AR-5Y-T6 Service&Support Plan - Advance Replacement - 5 Years. Including Extended Warranty cost. 697.00
SR-EW-1Y-T6 Service&Support Plan - Extended Warranty - 1 Year.  1st year included in product warranty 119.00
SR-EW-3Y-T6 Service&Support Plan - Extended Warranty - 3 Years 299.00
SR-EW-5Y-T6 Service&Support Plan - Extended Warranty - 5 Years 418.00